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As you can see, the site gets a makeover, all features are not yet available, we will arrange to finish quickly.

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Nouvelles photos

Sunday 06. April 2014, By:Arno

Bonjour, De nouvelles photos sont disponibles dans la gallérie photo. Vous pouvez vous rendre dans la galerie photo pour les visionner

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New pictures added

Thursday 25. November 2010, By:Arno

Hello, Some new picture has been added into the photo gallery. thses pictures are about The Semois on the 14/11/2010 and ont the autumn of the year 2010 Have a nice day

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New pictures added

Wednesday 08. September 2010, By:Arno

Good evening, Some new pictures had been added to the website, the pictures are available for "Pétanque 2010", "Paques 2010", "Fancy fair 2010" and "neige du 31 janvier 2010"

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Tuesday 17. August 2010, By:Arno

Hello everyone, the guestbook is now open, you can post your messages

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This site gets a big make up

Friday 11. June 2010, By:Arno

Hello everyone, as you can see, the site gets a makeover, all the content is not yet implemented

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